Tutoring was supposed to be schools’ secret weapon — a way to reverse pandemic learning loss before students fell even further behind.

But three years after COVID closed schools, and with the deadline to spend pandemic recovery funds fast approaching, many students still aren’t getting the help they need. By some estimates, just 1 in 10 students — or fewer — are receiving intensive tutoring.

The good news? Experts say it’s still possible to drastically expand tutoring. Millions more students can get the help they need, the experts said, if leaders are willing to do what it takes.

“There is an enormous need right now,” said Naeha Dean, chief strategy officer of Accelerate, a nonprofit that funds research on effective tutoring. “We really can’t wait.”

Chalkbeat asked a dozen experts how to ramp up effective tutoring. Here’s what they said:

  • Schedule tutoring during the school day
  • Turn school staffers into tutors
  • Tap other talent pools for tutors
  • Use virtual tutoring wisely
  • States and feds must step up

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