Giving Compass' Take:

• Melissa Sines recounts the findings of a survey of PEAK Grantmaking members about short- and long-term shifts in grantmaking practices due to COVID-19. 

• Have you shifted your grantmaking strategy in response to COVID-19? Should you make changes in your short- and long-term grantmaking strategy in response to this crisis? 

• Read a due diligence guide for grantmakers

We recently completed a flash survey of PEAK Grantmaking members to understand how grants management practices are evolving during this time of crisis. It is heartening to see that practice recommendations aligned with the five Principles for Peak Grantmaking (as well as calls to join the Council on Foundation’s pledge) are being embraced by more and more grantmakers.

Will these practices stick? It is our hope that grantmakers are using this moment to not only assess how they do business in crisis, but to also consider how they might incorporate some of these changes long term.

Based on 165 responses from grantmakers across the spectrum, here’s a breakdown of the changes they are making now, and those they anticipate continuing.

In the last several weeks, have you implemented any of these practices?

Tie Practices to Values

  • Altered our typical process for grant decision-making (62%)
  • Contributed to a regional or national rapid response fund (48%)

Narrow the Power Gap

  • Reduced application requirements or implemented more flexible requirements for rapid response funds (67%)
  • Converted existing project grants to operating grants (57%)
  • Provided extra operating support to existing grantees to help them weather the crisis (43%)
  • Shifted dollars into advocacy work to promote long-term system change to better address the next crisis (9%)

Drive Equity

  • Included equity as a primary driver for grant decision-making (18%)
  • Tracked the demographic data for the leaders of organizations receiving emergency response funds (10%)
  • Tracked the demographic data for the beneficiaries of organizations receiving emergency response funds (9%)

Read the full article about grantmaking practices by Melissa Sines PEAK Grantmaking.