It's easy to get lost in lists of podcasts about the environment, sustainability and all the intersections therein. It's harder to find a show that keeps your finger off the double arrow. But the right podcast offers hours upon hours of delicious ear candy that can better your brain and inform your work.

I've listened to dozens of podcasts and found a bunch that will keep you moving, whether you're commuting or literally running around. (We rounded up these 13 great podcasts last March and others years earlier — most of which are going strong.) Some of the best serials are by broadcast professionals, which are already easy to find. I focused more on shows that are harder to unearth.

 1. Podship Earth
This prolific podcast, by California Secretary for Environmental Protection Jared Blumenfeld, kicks off with EPA chief Gina McCarthy and encounters many other high-level figures, including former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and Inbal Becker-Reshef, director of NASA’s food security and agriculture program. Whether examining "green guilt" or the most recent COP talks, Blumenfeld's insider view is relevant and whimsical. He even talks with his parents.

2. The Drawdown Agenda
The podcast explores Project Drawdown, whose founder Paul Hawken appears in the debut episode, and whose executive director, Jonathan Foley, is in a recent show. It's an independent, detailed take on some of the 100 high-impact carbon-reduction solutions from the original "Drawdown" book, one by one, with longtime journalist Fergal Byrne conversing with members of the Project Drawdown team. Bryne also hosts the twice-weekly Sustainability Agenda podcast.

3. Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg
Food Tank President Danielle Nierenberg is dedicated to highlighting hope in agriculture "on the ground, in cities, in kitchens, in fields and in laboratories." That's also the gist of her podcast.

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