Giving Compass' Take:

• In this podcast, multiple educators examine how technology in the classroom has helped keep their students engaged in learning. 

• What are the challenges with traditional learning styles now that edtech has such a significant presence in the schools? 

• Read about how we can make edtech even more effective. 

It’s easy to think of the ways that technology can make humans feel alienated or alone: less in-person interaction, or feelings of FOMO—that’s the Fear of Missing Out—from social media. But technology has also brought people—and teachers and students—together in new ways that have inspired learning.

In this episode of the EdSurge On Air podcast, we hear from four educators who share how technology tools engage their students and expanded their classrooms, whether that’s connecting with students around the world or learning a new language through technology and how that can spark community.

In this series, we'll hear directly from educators who attended the EdSurge Fusion conference last fall about the challenges they face, and what brings them joy in teaching.

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