Giving Compass' Take:

• Katie Fehrenbacher identifies ten transportation trends that we will likely see unfold in 2020 and what they might mean for communities. 

• What could these trends mean for your community? How can funders work to ensure that transportation trends toward equity? 

• Read about prioritizing equity in energy efficiency efforts

There was a lot to celebrate in transportation in 2019. It was a big year for cities to buy electric transit buses and ban diesel cars from city centers (at least in Europe).

Meanwhile, automakers such as Ford launched ever more enticing electric car models such as its new Mustang Mach-E. And e-scooter riding, which can replace car trips and reduce congestion, saw unprecedented growth.

At the same, charging infrastructure emerged as the No. 1 issue holding back vehicle and heavy-duty fleet electrification this year. And transportation-related emissions likely rose this year for the fourth year in a row (the hard data doesn't come out until early 2020), continuing to represent the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.

So how will 2020 be different? A few market and tech trends will emerge on the horizon next year, while other transport sectors will mature and drop in cost. 2020 should be a really interesting year for the transformation of transportation. Here are 10 trends I'm watching:

  1. Big companies start buying more electric truck fleets.
  2. Sustainable city transportation plans come to America.
  3. Scooters become boring.
  4. Matching electric vehicle charging with clean energy.
  5. Utilities start being proactive on EV charging.
  6. The tech company electric commuter shuttle is coming.
  7. E-school buses test out V2G.
  8. Consumers wake up to the environmental downside of instant delivery.
  9. Electric fleets go toward open standards.
  10. Here come the urban e-cargo bikes.

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