The Blue Haven Initiative was one of the earliest family offices to commit itself to 100% mission-aligned investing. At more than $500 million, it’s one of the biggest to make that commitment. And it’s one of the first to share its challenges publicly.

The couple established Blue Haven as their family office in the belief that every investment has impact: positive, negative, or neutral. Through Blue Haven’s commercial investment portfolio, Ian and Liesel seek

“to minimize the harm their investments create in the world, achieve values alignment, ESG-outperformance, and actively seek opportunities for impact creation.”

Ian and Liesel are in the process of formally sharing their story through a case study written by The ImPact that pulls back the curtain on the motivations, challenges, and strategies behind Blue Haven Initiative. This document will provide actionable insight for other families at different stages in the process of creating an impact investing strategy and making impact investments.

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