Giving Compass' Take:

•  A new report from the Center for Urban Families and the Annie E. Casey Foundation revealed findings after surveying ten organizations that serve fathers of color.

• What are the major hurdles for fathers of color? How can donors call attention to this population? 

• Learn about creating quality career paths for youth of color. 

Young fathers of color face many challenges — from struggling to maintain housing and family-supporting jobs to keeping up with child support. At the same time, organizations, funders and others can improve how they’re helping these fathers, according to a new report from the Center for Urban Families.

The report — entitled Reaching Their Full Potential — emerged from a two-part roundtable hosted by the Center for Urban Families and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The spring 2020 event brought together 10 organizations that serve fathers of color through job training, mental health care, parenting support, life skills coaching and more.

Young fathers lead complex lives, the roundtable participants noted. Oftentimes, they’re attempting to juggle work, school and parenting responsibilities.

As a result, these fathers:

  • face challenges that need to be addressed quickly, such as needing help finding stable housing, child care, financial assistance and other supports;
  • need legal support, including assistance with family court cases or justice system involvement;
  • require strong bonds and trusting relationships, which can sometimes be addressed by hiring staff who were young fathers themselves or can relate to the population in other ways; and
  • can be recruited in unconventional ways, such as at social events or similar occasions.

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