There’s energy around the launch of a corporate giving and volunteering program. But, without the right approach to management, that initial burst of interest and engagement wanes over time.

Increase your program’s chance for success by understanding where many organizations go wrong. Here’s a look at six reasons why corporate giving and volunteering programs too often fail.

Reason 1: A Set-It-And-Forget-It Mindset
A set-it-and-forget-it mindset creates challenges for giving programs. Just like any other initiative inside your organization, corporate giving and volunteering require measurement and adjustments over time. For example, if you launch a program with the goal of reaching 50% engagement, you need to track progress toward that goal and make changes if necessary.

Reason 2: The Absence of Local Giving and Volunteering Options
Employees sometimes want to support national or global organizations such as the ACLU or Red Cross. But many are interested in supporting or volunteering with local organizations so they can personally witness the impact.

Reason 3: Overlooking Remote Workers
We live and work in a time when most companies have remote workers. Many companies now even operate with a remote-first mindset.

Reason 4: Missing the Cultural Opportunity
Successful giving and volunteering programs help create a culture of philanthropy that permeates a company. However, you cannot create that type of culture by raising money for a cause just once a quarter. You need regular and consistent engagement to create a successful program.

Reason 5: Not Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Organizations that want employee philanthropy programs to succeed need to give alongside their employees. Matching is one of the biggest drivers of employee participation.

Reason 6: Skimping on Resources
While programs may start with grassroots employee initiatives, if they are to become part of your company culture and truly engage a large portion of your employees, you need to commit resources to your employee giving and volunteering endeavors. This initiative requires dedicated resources to be successful; including an administrator who can help with promotion, setting goals, and monitoring progress toward those goals.

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