Giving Compass' Take:

• Sherie Ryder, writing for BBC, discusses both sides of the debate over whether or not students should be able to use smartphones during class. 

• As more technology comes into classroom learning, it might become more difficult to ban smartphones. How can educators that do allow smartphones in class teach students the importance of digital ethics?

• Read about France banning smartphones in schools. 

Love them or hate them, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. But should they be left outside the classroom? Nick Gibb, the minister for school standards in England, told the BBC he believes schools should ban their pupils from bringing in smartphones.

Opinions are certainly divided, with many people saying that pupils should be taught how to use their phones responsibly.

Peter Freeth, whose daughters are aged 13 and 18 years old, says schools should do more to integrate phones into the learning experience. Schools expect children to do their homework on computers. They need to use apps in the classroom as part of the process, to watch videos, stream content, log attendance and participate in study groups. Basically, all the things that smart businesses do."

Meanwhile, Yvonne Lockhart, a registered nurse who has worked for community education supports a complete ban. "I am banned from mobile phone usage at work, and my phone must be 'removed' from my person or handed in. If I am caught with it in my pocket, I will be subject to a disciplinary procedure which will impact on my career."  "We need to teach children how to behave like the professionals they are striving to become. Ban the phones, they have no place in a child's life."

On Facebook, Tara Blount reveals her children's school has implemented a ban and are seeing the benefits.

Richard, a secondary school English teacher in the independent sector, thinks there should be a clear separation between school and home.

"We wouldn't expect children, left to their own devices all day with no formal schooling, to voluntarily pick up text books at home and learn, so it is inherent in the system that they do things differently in the two environments."

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