Giving Compass' Take:

· George Ingram explains how three recent publications have provided some insight on the evolution of global development and where it should go next.

· How has the global development business changed throughout the years? How is global development being financed? 

· Read more about one author, Raj Kumar, and the international-aid industry.

The Chief Economist of the World Bank, Pinelopi Goldberg, recently called out the need for a “new vision in development.”

We may not yet have a clear new vision, but thanks to three recent publications, we know some of the components. Raj Kumar’s “The Business of Changing the World” contrasts “new aid” with “old aid” and is built on examples of new modes of finance and innovative implementation. Last month, Kristin Lord and I released “Global Development Disrupted,” which provides highlights from a survey of 94 development leaders on how they see the development landscape changing and presents a range of perspectives from the global political environment to how development activities are funded and implemented. Late in 2018, Ann Mei Chang published “Lean Impact,” which draws from interviews with over 200 organizations as well as her careers in the tech industry, government, and civil society to drill down into how both funders and NGOs (domestic and international) can be more impactful—it is a how-to guide.

Each publication takes a different tack, but they all present how the approach to development is, or should be, advancing. Viewed together, they create insights into where the field may be headed.

Read the full article about the evolution of global development by George Ingram at The Brookings Institution.