Giving Compass' Take:

· David Kugler provides a brief recap of the 2019 AVPN Annual Conference and how we can go about solving the human capital crisis in the social sector. 

· What was discussed at the 2019 AVPN Annual Conferences? How does the author suggest we address the social sector human capital challenges? What driving forces led to this crisis?

· Check out this article about investing in human capital to achieve the Global Goals

“How can you make a living while changing the world?” Roshan Paul, Co-Founder & CEO of Amani Institute, posed this question to the attendees of the AVPN Annual Conference 2019.

As a human resources professional, I believe that an organization’s most valuable asset is its people – their skills, individual identities, and uniquely lived experiences that employees bring with them when they arrive to work. When these attributes are harnessed, social purpose organizations can increase their impact and work toward solving socio-economic crisis that matter most to them.

After attending the Conference, I could identify five themes to begin addressing human capital challenges in the social sector:

  1. Legitimize social impact work as a career field
  2. Use labor of skilled volunteers
  3. Address the lower salary problem (or the perception of such)
  4. Identify transferable skills between sectors & proactively upskill your workforce
  5. Develop a common language and framework when referring to our work

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