Young people inspire me. Their voices on honesty, hope, and belief in the future challenge me to be a better advocate and leader to ensure the advancement of arts education in America. For these reasons, I was so excited to celebrate National Arts in Education Week on ARTSblog by featuring youth voice every day this week.

In January of this year, when asked the question, “What single strategy can advance arts education in this new chapter of American education policy?” the Americans for the Arts’ Arts Education Advisory Council resoundingly answered in unison: “Empower Young People!” So, we did, and this blog salon is just one example of how we have been engaging and empowering youth voices to be advocates for the future of the field of arts education.

As we celebrate the transformative power of the arts in education, we must also support each other and most importantly our young people, so we all may advocate for the arts and participate in arts education together.

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