Giving Compass' Take:

• Tory Martin highlights the top 10 blogs of 2019 published by the Johnson Center on trends in philanthropy.

• What trends do you expect to see in 2020? How can you use these blogs to further your own giving goals? 

Here are 6 ways to solidify your philanthropic impact. 

Here it is, dear reader, YOUR list — the top 10 most-read blogs published by the Johnson Center in 2019.

You showed your passion for learning about new trends in the field and cross-sector partnerships. You shared stories of investing in communities. And you asked questions about how the forces at work in philanthropy are affecting the people and places we aim to serve.

We’re proud to have published a wide range of content this year that supports dynamic conversations in our field. We are grateful to all of our guest authors, content partners, and friends who have written for the Johnson Center and helped to share research and insights for the good of all.

We hope these articles and thinkers continue to inspire and challenge you in the new year!

  1. The Boundaries are Blurring Between Philanthropy and Business
    More nonprofits are looking for profitable revenue streams and borrowing business jargon and tactics.
  2. As Religiosity Changes, Donor Engagement Needs to Adapt
    Some estimates suggest that the percentage of U.S. giving that goes to religious or religiously-affiliated organizations could be as much as 73% or more.
  3. Learning in Foundations
    Learning is a frequent topic of conversation in our sector, but it’s not always clear what we mean by “learning” — let alone how to do it. Many foundations grapple with the challenges of learning by developing tools and frameworks to support the process.

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