Giving Compass' Take:

• Students in Memphis created a school club called 'Facing History and Ourselves' in which they discuss how they can be part of social change initiatives through meaningful dialogue until they are old enough to participate in other ways such as voting. 

• Why is youth voice important? And do we see a pattern of social change and youth-led movements? 

• Read about how philanthropy can support youth-led social movements. 

Students are the future. My generation has opinions, a voice and power at our fingertips.   The March for Our Lives protest against gun violence galvanized a population of young people to say #Enough and #NeverAgain to gun violence.

But the youth movement extends beyond gun violence.

Marching for our lives means that we are marching to be heard and not to be overlooked. Young people must continue to use their voices as platforms for change, and in Memphis we have been doing just that.

“Young people must continue to use their voices as platforms for change, and in Memphis we have been doing just that.”
For the past five years, I have been a member of the Facing History and Ourselves student leadership group in which we discuss issues, their connections to history and how we, as young people, can be part of the change we seek.

The main goals are to give other kids a safe space to speak their minds and to teach them about historical and current issues. We certainly support our peers who are trying to end both gun violence and the proliferation of guns in the United States. There is no doubt that guns in America need more regulation.

But we are also focusing on the right to vote. At 17, I am not old enough to vote, but that isn’t stopping me from sharing my views. It’s also not stopping me from teaching others about the importance of voting. Until the time we get to vote, we need to continue having discussions such as these in order to be active participants in society.

Many generations of youth have fought for what they believe in. This generation can do the same. Our voices can and will be heard, but it is up to us to put ourselves out there and support one another.

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