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• One of the UN's Global Goals is to achieve equal rights and status for women and girls all around the world. Here, Global Citizen discusses the significant impact women have had on society and development thoughout history and emphasizes the importance of achieving equality. 

• What is the best way to push for social change and gender equity? How can we celebrate the unrecognized women who have changed the world through more concrete action?

Learn some valuable lessons from these female entrepreneurs who have changed the world.

BBC History magazine has released the names of 100 women who were voted to have had the most significant impact on world history.

In the year that marks 100 years since some British women first got the vote, the magazine compiled a list of “women who changed the world” chosen by an expert panel.

It then asked members of the public to rank them and the results, according to the magazine, “may well provoke debate.”

In the top spot is scientist Polish-born French scientist Marie Curie, who “changed the world not once but twice,” said the magazine.

Curie founded the new science of radioactivity — even inventing the word — and her discoveries “launched effective cures for cancer.”

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