Giving Compass' Take:

• Brian Paes-Braga, writing for Medium, discusses the evolution and work of the Quiet Cove Foundation, an organization that supports projects for social impact innovation. 

• What foundations in your area are pursuing innovation in social impact?

• Are social change and scale mutually exclusive?

A few years ago, my friend Emily-anne King and I began discussing the possibility of starting an organization through which we were determined to help as many people as possible, both locally and around the world. Our approach was to develop truly innovative solutions to address large-scale social issues. In 2017, Quiet Cove Foundation was born.

Since that time, we’ve grown the foundation, and it’s been active in supporting a number of humanitarian projects.

Later in my career, I found myself in a position where I had the means to practice philanthropy on a larger scale. So I called Emily-anne, who was, and is, as philanthropic-minded as I am and has dedicated her career to helping as many people as she can. We discussed how we might be able to combine our resources for the greater good.

We agreed that our approach at Quiet Cove Foundation should be to challenge the status quo. More specifically, if we can get charities to think bigger and take more risks, we’ll gladly support their efforts. We want to join with them to create massive social impact. And I think we’re doing just that.

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