Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen highlights Caroline Dillion, a New Hampshire teen who wrote a bill for schools to make period products free and accessible. 

• How can donors and nonprofits help inspire our youth to take actions like this? What are some other challenges with menstrual equity around the globe?

Here's another article on the fight against period poverty in North America. 

High school senior Caroline Dillon is on a mission to get a bill passed requiring New Hampshire schools to provide free period products.

Dillon helped state Sen. Martha Hennessey write Senate Bill 142 to end period poverty and break down taboos about menstruation, New Hampshire local news outlet Seacoast Online reports. The 17-year-old is fighting for easy access to period products in school because students are missing class due to lack of access to period products and menstrual hygiene.

“To think about my classmates being in need and not having the access to something so basic is just awful,” Dillon shared. She says middle school students at her school use unsafe materials like socks and newspapers, or reuse period products to manage.

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