Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen highlights the UK-based charity, WasteAid, who works to encourage recycling initiatives in developing countries in an effort to create green jobs, protect the environment, and help keep people safe and healthy. 

• How can donors help support the job market and environment in Africa?

• Learn about how recycling must be a part of the infrastructure plan. 

Coping with the waste we’re all creating every day isn’t the most immediately enticing of topics when it comes to international development.

But, when waste management is done right, it can be essential to achieving many of the UN’s Global Goals — 17 goals that work together to end extreme poverty by 2030. These include goals for health and well-being for everyone, access to water and sanitation facilities for everyone, and creating cities and communities that are sustainable.

Across the world, 2 billion people don’t have their waste collected — and 3 billion don’t have access to a decent waste disposal site, according to WasteAid.

Read the full article about using recycling to create healthier, greener lives in Kenya by Imogen Calderwood at Global Citizen.