Giving Compass' Take:

•  The author discusses three hurdles that may disrupt philanthropists' strategic giving plan, and how to address these obstacles. 

• How can a philanthropist stay on track and ensure their giving aligns with their original strategy?

• Read about how checkbook philanthropy can still be strategic.

Like other parts of your financial plan, your strategic giving plan isn’t complete once it’s been implemented. To be effective, you’ll need to continually monitor progress and make adjustments when necessary.

Over the course of your lifetime and beyond, a number of challenges can arise that threaten to disrupt your strategy. Fortunately, a disciplined approach can help you overcome these obstacles to keep your giving plan on track.

  • Receiving Too Many Requests: One way to make sure you don’t become too distracted by one-off charitable requests is to create a budget for yearly discretionary donations.
  • Your Strategic Giving Plan Fails:  It’s important to have a system to measure the success of your giving program so that you can change course if any of these challenges (or others) occurs.
  • Your Family Doesn’t Wish to Continue Your Mission: You can often manage differences of opinion by creating a discretionary pool of money.

Read the full article about handling your strategic giving plan by Catherine Schnaubelt at Forbes Welcome