I’m sure you’re also one of those people that read the news, see all the crazy things going on these days, and think “this is so infuriating! If only I could do something about it beyond writing angry Facebook and Twitter updates about it!” You’re obviously furious about whatever controversy is dominating the news at the time and, more importantly, wish that all the darn insanity would just stop already. “The problem is that I’m just one guy/girl, so what could I ever do to fix it?”

  1. Volunteer. You probably don’t realize it, but volunteering has a much, much, MUCH larger (economic) impact on society than you think.
  2. Donate money to a cause and just go about your business per usual. I personally believe that small, recurring monthly payments are more effective over time than sporadic, but large, lump-sum payments.
  3. Pursue a career in the nonprofit world (maybe not super easy).

In all seriousness though, this is not about me doing “better” or “more” than you in making a difference in society. This is about getting every person to do his/her part, no matter how little it is, in fixing a world that evidently needs fixing.

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