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• Corporate Knights profiles 30 leaders younger than 30 years old in sustainable innovation, from an Indigenous communities clean energy advisor to a hydroponics expert.

• What inspiration can we take from these examples? Let's harness youth energy as a catalytic force in solving environmental issues around the world.

Here's how climate change issues unite Generations X and Y in Australia.

"Our supply of ingenuity … involves both the generation of good ideas and their implementation within society,” Canadian scholar Thomas Homer-Dixon wrote in his 2000 book The Ingenuity Gap.

“It’s not enough for a scientist, community, or society simply to think up an idea to solve an environmental problem; the idea must also be put into practice — the hybrid corn must be planted, the new farming credit system must be set up and operated, the community must educate itself to change its behaviors — before the ingenuity can be said to be fully supplied.”

The Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability’s class of 2018 couldn’t agree more.

Eighteen years after Homer-Dixon warned of the complexity of the 21st century’s looming problems, and asked whether humanity could provide enough smart ideas to survive, the need for ingenuity and a readiness to act have only grown stronger.

Liberal democracies are facing nationalist upsurges, the climate is changing in line with predictions about global warming, mass migration is straining borders and those who have been denied a voice in the debate over human dignity are making themselves heard.

Amid this complexity, Corporate Knights found young people who dare to be unafraid.

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