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Shawna De La Rosa, writing for Education Dive, reports on how educators in New Mexico are receiving training from immigration lawyers on how best to protect students from ICE raids and deportations.

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With educators dealing with rising absenteeism and witnessing students' struggles surrounding fears of deportation, New Mexico teachers and administrators in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque are learning what to do if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers show up at their schools, according to The Hechinger Report.

Rebekah Wolf, immigration lawyer with the New Mexico Immigration Law Center, offers sessions on what ICE can and cannot do in schools.

In the "know your rights" sessions, teachers are taught that they have the right to not answer ICE agents' questions and to talk about their presence, but it's illegal to lie to them or to hide students from immigration officials. Wolf also says districts should consider resources such as school immigration liaisons in supporting immigrant families.

Early engagement, as well as creating positive and supportive environments, can help young children feel safer at school and curb the risks what could turn into negative mental health. Openly encouraging and endorsing diversity is also a step that administrators and teachers can take with students and their families through hosting activities, events and dialogues.

Districts can also help families prepare their own emergency plan that provides for care and financial resources for children in the event that a parent were to be deported.

Districts that take no action to protect these families often see a spike in absenteeism from this population after a local ICE raid, and while they can't control if or when ICE comes knocking, administrators can make a difference in helping those who might be affected.

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