Giving Compass' Take:

· New Profit explains how informing and empowering parents to build their "parent power" can drive systems-level change in education.

· How can nonprofits and philanthropists support building parent power? How does this infrastructure of parent power lead to systemic change in education? 

· Here's how parents make education more impactful.

New Profit, a venture philanthropy organization that has backed some of America’s highest impact education social entrepreneurs, is sharing new resources on how nonprofit entrepreneurs and their philanthropic allies can build an infrastructure of parent power to drive systems-level change in education.

This work is part of our April launch of, a web-based set of tools and resources created through a collaboration with 18 leading organizations in the parent empowerment space dedicated to supporting parent-led efforts to improve education and life outcomes for underserved communities.

Alex Cortez, the site author explains, “an organization informing and organizing parents has to first be deliberate about which combination of four parent empowerment strategies it plan to use to drive change. Then an organization needs to decide which combination of seven roles parents must play in building an infrastructure of parent power to succeed at those strategies. Finally, an organization needs to determine the specific measures for each role to be able to manage – before, during and after a campaign – how successful it is at building that infrastructure.”

Read the full article about transforming the eduction system through parent empowerment at New Profit.