We sat down with long-time Charity House volunteers Sean Corrigan, Region Head of the Americas, and Greg Sexton, VP of Corporate Accounts, to learn more about AlphaSights’ involvement and alignment with the organization.

What makes working at AlphaSights different from other companies?
One area in which AlphaSights stands out is the level of professional development (PD) available to its employees. Our PD team is dedicated to providing training and career advising sessions to ensure that our people are prepared to take on the large responsibilities given to them and that they continue to learn and develop skills that’ll help them excel throughout their careers.

Another aspect that makes AlphaSights unique is our employees’ strong desire to volunteer and donate. We genuinely want to make a positive impact in our communities.

How is AlphaSights’ partnership with charities unique?
AlphaSights began integrating a new step in the invoicing process, designing a new advisor-facing page to explain the initiative, picking charity partners, figuring out regulations around donating to charities, and setting up our own internal accounting system.

AlphaSights also uses charity initiatives to engage employees. There are fundraising challenges in the office and, with the help of Charity House, AlphaSights hosts workshops for various organizations to teach students important life skills.

Why is social impact important at AlphaSights?
AlphaSights’ people are the core of our company. The workers at AlphaSights strongly value humanity, leveraging their skills to bring knowledge to people everywhere in hope that they leave the world better than they found it.

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