Giving Compass' Take:

• Christina Ameln, writing for AVPN, highlights organizations that offer innovative nutrition solutions backed by scientific evidence and tailored to the needs and context of specific target groups. 

• What partnerships and policy changes offer the biggest opportunities for impact when it comes to sustainable nutrition? 

Here's an article on encouraging investment in global nutrition. 

When my stomach growls from hunger, I walk to the fridge, open the door and take whatever looks good. I know that for many people in the world, this is a dream. They have no fridge, little food and no way to ease their hunger pains.

Lack of nutrition is one of the most serious issues in the world today and has important consequences for many different sectors. For example, it hinders education because it reduces the ability of children to learn; it limits livelihoods because malnourished adults – or adults that were severely malnourished as children – have less capacity and energy to work; and it damages health care as by blocking patient responses to treatment. In fact, basic nutrition-related interventions have positive impacts on a range of other development interventions.

As part of its Breaking Boundaries theme, the AVPN Conference 2019 wants to understand why nutrition remains an underfunded issue. It is seeking to improve collective concern for and understanding of this issue among conference participants. Currently malnutrition remains a neglected area of global health and development, accounting for less than 1 percent of global foreign aid.

Read the full article about attaining sustainable nutrition by Christina Ameln at AVPN.