Giving Compass' Take:

• A new report from UNESCO says countries and national education systems aren’t equipped to teach migrant and refugee students, with 1.5 billion days of school lost.

• How can donors help refugees get the vital education they need? Which programs would be most effective?

Here's the schooling challenge that Syrian refugees face.

Migrant and refugee children face many roadblocks to receiving an education, according to a UN report published Tuesday.

In the Global Education Monitoring Report 2018, “Migration, displacement and education: Building Bridges Not Walls,” the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) noted national education systems are not always equipped to accommodate incoming migrant and refugee students, according to UN News. This puts over 50 million children at risk of never reaching their full potential and lifting up their communities.

Makeshift schools, many of which aren’t certified, language barriers, and limited resources prevent students from excelling in the classroom.

While governments are aware of these issues, they don’t always kick solutions into action, the UN agency explained in a statement.

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