School-related gender-based violence affects millions of children and adolescents worldwide and seriously undermines quality, equitable education for all.

To the extent that research exists on the topic, it has concentrated on adolescent girls in secondary school. However, national surveys suggest that research is needed to help fill policy gaps at the primary-school level where data to diagnose the scope of the problem, as well as interventions to help either prevent or serve victims, are deeply needed.

Alumni from the Echidna Global Scholars Program are researching the prevalence of school-related gender-based violence to garner more resources in their home countries to address and prevent it. Through individual case studies focused on Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, and Nigeria and a cross-country publication synthesizing these findings, the scholars will explore the causes and perpetrators of school-related gender-based violence and the mechanisms for providing victims with support.

  1. Gender-based violence in primary schools: Jamaica
  2. Gender-based violence in primary schools: Kenya
  3. Gender-based violence in primary schools: Nigeria

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