The United Nations Children’s Fund is starting 2018 with its largest appeal yet for humanitarian aid, reflecting the strain multiple protracted crises are placing on relief and development work across the world.

Some 84 percent of the $3.64 billion UNICEF is seeking would go toward conflict-driven crises, including Yemen, Syria, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan, Grant Leaity, the deputy director for UNICEF’s Office of Emergency Programmes, told Devex.

This would benefit 82 million people, including 48 million children, in 51 countries.

The rising funding needs come amid the realization that not all these crises — and other, nonemergency areas of UNICEF’s work — will receive adequate support.

Last year, UNICEF mobilized about 65 percent of the $3.3 billion — totaling $2.48 billion — it requested for humanitarian assistance. In 2016, it sought $2.8 billion, and a greater sum of $3.1 billion in 2015.

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