Nonprofit leaders can sometimes have a difficult time working alongside their board. Part of this may come from a disconnect that the board has with the enterprise's daily running. Many board members aren't aware of what goes into running a nonprofit. However, it may also be due to a breakdown of communication between the board and the leader.

Dealing with either of these will require interfacing with the board and having them see your point of view as the organization's leader. To help, nine members of Forbes Nonprofit Council offer sage advice on how nonprofit leaders can better work alongside their board for mutual benefit.

  1. Understand Their Motivations
  2. Tap Into Their Passion And Expertise
  3. Consider Their Feedback
  4. Keep Them Engaged
  5. Enable Regular CEO Communication
  6. Inspire Them To Tell Your Story
  7. Be Completely Transparent
  8. Don't Burden Them With Operational Issues
  9. Be Respectful Of Their Time

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