Giving Compass' Take:

• Hannah Barker encourages organizations to persevere together during the hardships of COVID-19, supporting each other through crucial decision-making.

• How can you urge those in your giving circle to persevere together through this crisis? How will that benefit the communities you serve?

• Read about why and how you should increase your giving during the pandemic.

As we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a need – and hopefully now some opportunity – for organisations across the social sector to step back, take stock and determine what is next.

The implications of the crisis for charities are huge and far-reaching – from staffing changes and digital upskilling, to reacting to the changing needs of beneficiaries.

At the start of the pandemic it was almost impossible for organisations to work out what COVID would mean for them longer term. Now, as demand for services increases and new social issues emerge, many are having to face pivotal questions about their future.

Whether it is working out how to reach more people, or deciding how to prioritise and adapt to maximise future impact, many charities need support to think through the road ahead. Crucially, they also need to ensure their plans are sustainable.

As a result we have adapted Spring Impact’s UK Scale Accelerator programme to support organisations who are at a crossroads and need to pivot to maximise impact in a changed world. This is a six month programme, fully-funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, where charities and social enterprises get access to a dedicated team of expert consultants and join a small group of other organisations on a similar journey.

In one sense, it’s a really tough time to think about strategy. At a time of chaos, uncertainty, and change, there are lots of more immediate issues on everyone’s minds.

But if the sector is to step up to the level of demand out there right now and work collaboratively together to meet the needs of individuals and communities across the country, it’s also precisely the right time.

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