My organization, research and consulting firm Great Place to Work, just published the list of vanguards of volunteering in partnership with Fortune. And a key lesson from them is that it is in giving that we receive — and richly so. Charitable, philanthropic efforts on the part of employees and employers result in workplaces that are better for business, better for the people who work there and better for the world.

For example, our study of several hundred companies and more than 380,000 employees in conjunction with this list revealed that giving back is associated with greater employee retention, higher levels of brand ambassadorship on the part of workers and more enthusiastic employees. Staffers who believe their organizations give back to the community are a striking 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work, compared to employees who do not perceive their employers to be generous toward the community.

The winners on the Best Workplaces for Giving Back aren’t just big-hearted. They are inclusive. Companies earned a spot on the ranking in part based on the level of their charitable giving. But winners also were selected for how consistently employees feel a sense of pride in their organizations’ community involvement across job levels, tenure and demographic categories such as age, race and gender.

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