Giving Compass' Take:

• Lea Trusty, writing for Media Impact Funders, describes what it means to embed equity in journalism and what donors can do to promote equitable practices throughout the sector. 

• Are there opportunities in your community to advance equity in journalism? What are the barriers? 

• Learn about the ways to advance racial equity in journalism to increase civic engagement. 

Here at Democracy Fund, we’ve been focused on addressing our grantees’ shifting needs, and finding ways to support engaged journalism during the global coronavirus crisis. As this pandemic continues to impact our country’s most marginalized communities disproportionately, we’ve become more sure than ever that it’s crucial not only to fund journalism, but to fund equitable journalism.

What do we mean when we talk about equity?

The “E” in “DEI” — equity — is often overlooked when compared to diversity (bringing more voices to the table) and inclusion (making sure these voices are included and valued).

That’s because equity challenges us to see the need for change at a deep level — it calls for a shift in systems and structures to address inequality at the root.

At Democracy Fund, we are proud to be a systems change organization. We believe a just and equitable political system must eliminate structural barriers to ensure historically excluded communities have meaningful influence in our democracy. The same is true for all of our systems, but here on the Engaged Journalism Lab, we’re focused on what equity can look like — and how funders can support it — in journalism.

What is equity in journalism?

When we talk about equity in journalism, we mean:

  • investing in newsrooms led by and serving historically marginalized groups;
  • supporting organizations working to shift industry culture and leadership; and
  • closing historic resource gaps that philanthropy has helped to perpetuate.

What funders can do today to begin centering equity:

  • Join the Racial Equity in Journalism Fund.
  • Invest in organizations that support equity in journalism.
  • Examine the inequitable practices within philanthropy that we must correct.

Read the full article about equity in journalism by Lea Trusty at MEDIA IMPACT FUNDERS.