Giving Compass' Take:

• Vu Le from Nonprofit AF argues that organizations should not ask their staff to donate to the place they work. Instead, the focus should be on engagement and promoting more equity.

• How can this open up a larger conversation about addressing power dynamics in the sector? What are the arguments for donating in house?  

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This week’s topic may be polarizing and possibly rile you up, so please stare at the nearest houseplant for a few minutes (apparently, they are scientifically proven to reduce stress). Once a while our community gets into a discussion about whether nonprofits should ask their staff to donate some amount of money to the organization. There are passionate arguments from both the “absolutely” side and the “hell no!” side. (It is very similar to the Oxford Comma debate, although it really isn’t, because obviously the Oxford Comma is beautiful, practical, and magical, and there is clearly no point debating this because #OxfordCommaForever.)

I cast my vote with the side of No, we should not ask our staff to donate to our own organizations. Here are several reasons why, as articulated by many colleagues in the field, combined with some of my own thoughts and experiences:

  1. It is inequitable
  2. It is insulting
  3. It is weird and disingenuous
  4. It does not take power dynamics into consideration
  5. It perpetuates the nonprofit hunger games
  6. It reinforces the overvaluing of money

Read the full article about why nonprofit staff shouldn't be asked to donate to the organizations they work for by Vu Le at Nonprofit AF.