When you think about nonprofits and their work, what comes to mind? Some immediately think about mission, programs, services, outcomes, impact, resources, and funding. Others think about the capacity of nonprofits to effectively and efficiently deliver programs and services to children, youth, families, adults, seniors, and communities.

Fund the People believes it’s important to bring together talent-investing and capacity building to demonstrate the key aspects of how nonprofits can advance their missions. The glue that holds these two frameworks together is nonprofit professionals.

It’s critical for funders who support capacity building to broaden their perspectives to holistically support their grantee partners by including talent-investing. The sector can’t afford to overlook investing in nonprofit talent if we want to achieve significant change and impact.

Given our increasingly challenging climate, it’s imperative that funders and nonprofits look more closely at talent-investing. While the functional aspects of nonprofits are necessary for organizations to operate, it’s also necessary to intentionally deploy resources to support and develop the nonprofit workforce.

Without having a well-supported, trained, and equipped staff of nonprofit workers, organizations won’t be able to advance their missions and combat the assaults on struggling communities and populations across the country.

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