Giving Compass' Take:

• Basil Sadiq describes why it is critical for students to volunteer to develop their life skills and have opportunities to contribute to society. 

• How can funders help to facilitate remote volunteering opportunities for students? What causes in your area would benefit from an influx of volunteers right now? 

• Read about six ways to find high-quality volunteers.

Volunteering is more than spending one’s time actively participating in selfless acts or activities that benefit other people. It has a greater impact on society as a whole. Volunteers are of great help to the community as they immerse themselves in a pool of opportunities. These opportunities are one reason why we need to encourage more students to volunteer.

By volunteering, students develop life skills and become well-rounded individuals.

Starting young provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow into valuable members of society. They develop life skills as they get immersed in activities that are outside of their comfort zones.

Volunteering helps students become competent, employable, and better meet their learning objectives.

Another opportunity to take advantage of is becoming competent and employable after meeting all learning objectives. Volunteering also serves as a training ground for honing students’ skills.

Employers seek volunteer experience from fresh graduates.

Volunteers are reliable, selfless, responsible, and willing to do more than what is asked even without monetary compensation. These are qualities that employers look for when hiring fresh graduates.

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