While the Covid-19 pandemic has been a disruptive force across all industries, it also bore a sort of cultural reset—a renewed vigor in the workforce of those wanting specifically to use their talents and skills in purposeful ways. This has provided an opportunity for nonprofits to step up and lead the charge in pairing talent with purpose.

The nonprofit organization I lead is one of many born in the pandemic. Covid-19 made our budding years an uphill battle, but that wasn’t the only obstacle we faced. We’ve also contended with the very crisis our organization was created to combat: climate change. Even nonprofit leaders not in the climate space may find themselves challenged by the many struggles that ultimately stem from this global crisis.

For leaders who wish to champion meaningful causes in these challenging times, building and leading a nonprofit team requires a flexible virtual savviness, a responsive organizational structure and a robust support system for your teams.

  • Forge action plans that defy distance.
  • Optimize operations through adaptability.
  • Serve the people serving others.
  • Focus on your mission in challenging times.

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