Young people around the world care about causes ranging from the environment to the arts to mental health to sexual safety, and they’re putting money where their hearts are. Through programs organized by foundations, nonprofits, schools, and local government, young people learn grantmaking skills and make funding decisions to impact real issues in their communities. Data from show that since 2001, they have made more than $19 million in grants ranging in size from $100 to $50,000.

Funds for distribution come from endowments, foundation budgets or grants, or direct fundraising by the youth themselves. Most of the programs feature a high level of engagement, where youth identify community needs; solicit, research, and debate proposals; and ultimately determine funding allocations ... was developed by Foundation Center and a multi-generational advisory to capture the story and breadth of the youth giving movement. After robust data collection efforts, there are now 855 known programs in 34 countries, using a variety of models to shift financial decision-making power to youth.

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