Not Your Grandma’s Philanthropy: Exploring Donor-Advised Funds and Rethinking Traditional Giving

Host Organization: Northern California Grantmakers


Over the last several years, donor-advised funds (DAFs) have been a hot topic in the media and in philanthropic circles. DAFs allow individuals to irrevocably contribute funds to a DAF sponsor, gain an immediate tax break, and recommend distributions from their account to nonprofits right away or over time. Assets in donor-advised funds exceeded $110 billion and fueled over $20 billion in grants across the globe in 2017.

While donor advised funds sometimes face criticism in the media, many view them as innovative philanthropic vehicles that help to increase and democratize strategic giving.

We’ll be joined by Pamela Norley, President of Fidelity Charitable, one of the oldest and largest providers of DAF’s, and Fred Blackwell, CEO of the San Francisco Foundation.

We’ll explore the rise of DAFs, the different models of giving that they offer, and what the future may hold for these important vehicles for social investment.

Join us to learn:

  • What DAFs are all about and why they are an important part of the philanthropic landscape
  • How DAFs may evolve as a result of changes in the tax laws and what it may mean for your grantees
  • Strategies for partnering with and leveraging these types of funds to benefit philanthropic initiatives, local or regional priorities, and nonprofits

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