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The Agroecology Fund is a multi-donor fund supporting agroecological practices and policies. The fund aims to support viable food systems, promote the economic well-being and human rights of small farmers and their communities, and mitigate climate change through low input agriculture featuring sustainable soil and water use. It links organizations and movements that advance agroecological solutions locally, regionally and globally. With the guidance of international advisors deeply embedded in the agroecology movement, the fund supports some of the most effective farmer organizations, advocates and researchers in the field of agroecology. The Agroecology Fund began its work in 2012 and is currently supported by a diverse group of U.S., Asian and European funders all committed to international grantmaking to advance agroecology.

The Agroecology Fund's strategy includes shifting and leveraging significant financial resources towards agroecology; strengthening political and economic systems to enable agroecology to thrive; influencing the global conversation about solutions to global hunger by amplifying agroecological solutions and; co-creating and sharing agroecology knowledge and practice.

About The Host Organization

Global Greengrants Fund mobilizes resources for communities worldwide to protect our shared planet and work toward a more equitable world. We believe solutions to environmental harm and social injustice come from people whose lives are most impacted. Since 1993, Global Greengrants has awarded over 14,000 grants in 168 countries worth more than $100 million.

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Global Greengrants Fund

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  • Location: Boulder, CO, United States
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