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About This Fund

In response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, Heart of Florida United Way has established ALICE Recovery Fund to support Central Florida residents whose financial stability is being impacted. Heart of Florida United Way has made an initial investment of $100,000 to seed the fund, but is seeking financial support to aid as many families as possible.

The focus of the fund is to support the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population experiencing hardship due to decreased hours or unpaid leave. Nearly half of Central Floridians are ALICE, living paycheck to paycheck. Donations made to here will be used to support the most vulnerable populations in our community and provide relief throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically for those facing financial hardship due to this pandemic, the ALICE Fund provides rent, mortgage and utility assistance to help prevent eviction and homelessness. All financial support directed to this fund will be used to provide basic needs to ALICE families in Central Florida.

About The Host Organization

Central Florida Foundation believes in the power of philanthropy and that thoughtful strategies, combined with a generous community, make Central Florida a place where everyone feels at home. The Foundation works with families focused on giving back, nonprofits and across public and private sectors to bring philanthropy to life.

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Central Florida Foundation

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