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At CooperRiis, we heal. We are a place where individuals are not defined by their psychiatric diagnosis, but by their talents, personality, and potential When you donate to CooperRiis you are supporting our person-centered recovery model with the belief that mental health recovery is much more than just healing the mind. Diet, exercise, education on self-esteem, hope, and social and living skills all play a part. This model is the foundation we sought to create with CooperRiis.

As a private, nonprofit healing center, donations are essential to maintain an attractive, clean and welcoming living environment, along with a working farm, woodshop and art building. Your gift to CooperRiis will make a difference in the life of an overwhelmed family and will give hope to residents who are tackling complex mental health challenges.

About The Host Organization

CooperRiis’ person-centered healing mission is to improve the lives of individuals struggling with mental illness or other mental health challenges by helping them work toward achieving their highest levels of functioning and fulfillment. CooperRiis is a Healing Community committed to a personalized approach to care with the help of a supportive and working community. Located in Asheville and Mill Spring, NC, CooperRiis offers a continuum of care service array.

We envision a future where the stigma against individuals with mental health conditions has disappeared, where all individuals with mental illness will have the opportunity to recover, and where these individuals will be accepted into their communities as responsible and contributing citizens. We believe that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. We also believe that recovery comes in different forms. At CooperRiis Residential Treatment Center, we give our residents the right to define their mental health recovery — whether it is to live independently, gain satisfying employment or achieve a higher level of meaningful social interaction.

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