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About This Fund

Hispanics in Philanthropy’s (HIP) Power Building and Justice (PBJ) initiative centers the expertise and shared affirmative vision of community-based organizations and leaders to advance social justice. Together we will strive to cultivate prosperity and advocate for the liberation of Latinx and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities impacted by a legacy of structural and institutional colonization and racism. The Power Building and Justice Fund will support Latinx-led and BIPOC-led organizations across the South and Southwest doing movement building, civic education and activation of impacted residents, and developing justice-oriented policies and future leaders in highly Latinx populated and Latinx growing regions.

HIP recognizes various issue areas that disproportionately impact people of color (e.g. Climate Justice, Migration, LGBTQI+ Justice, Gender Equity, Housing Insecurity) and the intersectional nature of the work needed. The PBJ Fund will cultivate an ecosystem of movements and organizations with a focus on healing, capacity building, and personal leadership development

About The Host Organization

Hispanics in Philanthropy is strengthening Latinx leadership, influence and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources, and doing so with an unwavering vision on social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas.

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Hispanics in Philanthropy

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  • EIN: 94-3040607
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  • Location: Oakland, CA, USA
  • Category: North America, Race and Ethnicity, Immigrants and Refugees, Human Services (Other), Human Rights (Other)