Sista Afya Community Care General Fund Fund

About This Fund

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness' vision is for Black women across the African Diaspora to be free from psychological and physical illness through supporting one another and engaging in accessible mental wellness care that centers on the well-being of the whole person.

Sista Afya is a social enterprise that provides low-cost mental wellness services that center the experiences of Black women.  We have a community support approach to mental wellness. We believe that community support for people living with mental health conditions can foster healing, growth, freedom, and self-actualization.

About The Host Organization

The Black United Fund of Illinois is a non-profit, tax-exempt federated organization and a social movement designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans through reliance on self-help at the local community level. At the root of this philosophy is the statewide goal of developing systematic mechanisms to rally resources for the African American community.

Host Organization

Black United Fund of Illinois

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  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Category: Gender Equity, Race and Ethnicity, Mental Health, Human Services (Other)