The Bridge Collective Abortion Fund Fund

About This Fund

The Bridge Collective is an all-volunteer, consensus-based, non-hierarchical organization. We advocate for the bodily autonomy of all people and believe everyone deserves access to reproductive healthcare. The support we offer is unconditional.

Our skilled volunteers provide transportation and accommodation for people seeking abortions and deliver reproductive health resources in the Central Texas area. We strive to create a climate of reproductive autonomy and justice for all people by our commitment to being intersectional and active in the community.


About The Host Organization

Our mission is to provide practical, responsive support for abortion services and reproductive healthcare resources for Central Texans. By mobilizing the power of volunteers, we strive to bridge the gap to ensure that all Central Texans have equal access to abortion care.

Host Organization

The Bridge Collective

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  • EIN: 46-3372095
  • Location: Austin, TX, USA
  • Category: Gender Equity, Human Services (Other), Human Rights (Other), Reproductive Justice