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Women and people of color are most impacted by climate change. Yet, while they’re creating solutions, they frequently face roadblocks. They lack financial resources to take their work to the next level. They don’t have access to critical technical support and mentorship. They’re often overlooked as subject matter experts in their fields. They don’t get quoted in the media, their progress isn’t shared, and their innovations are often appropriated. Their voices aren’t heard. It’s frustrating to face these obstacles while leading innovative work that could make a widespread impact.

If only they had access to funding and support to expand their work. If only they had the ability to amplify their message through the media, to amass a larger listening audience. If only they could leverage connections to a greater collective of grantmakers, celebrities, influencers. If only they had everything they needed to create the future they want. That’s where we jump in.

This year, we responded to the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, police brutality, economic depression, pollution, and climate change on our current grantees who are rooted in communities of color and working class communities, at the frontlines of all these compounding crises. With the new and bold commitment by the Bezos Earth Fund in November 2020, we are preparing to relaunch our open-call for grant applications at the top of the new year.

We need everyone to solve the climate crisis - and that means the future is also in your hands! Your donation boosts the efforts of people already delivering climate solutions in neighborhoods all across the country.

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Since our beginning, we’ve championed 100% renewable energy for 100% of people. First, through connecting science, culture, and business. Then, through focusing on local communities. They’re the ones most impacted by climate change. They’re the ones leading and finding solutions. And they’re the ones who inspire us to do what we do.

What began in 2013 as a call for what’s possible is now a movement that has changed the standard for clean energy, and our grantee partners have led the way and are still working to make sure every 100% commitment is rooted in equity. 160 cities. Over ten counties. Eight states. 242 companies. All have committed to 100% renewable energy — and now must commit to a just transition.

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