COVID-19 Africa Solidarity Fund Fund

About This Fund

As the COVID-19 global pandemic rapidly spreads across the African continent, we worry, because in many African countries health systems remain weak, and incapable of meeting the demands this crisis will place on them. The COVID-19 pandemic will put immense pressure on under-resourced and under-equipped regions and communities, even as the effects of the worsening health crisis are felt by everyone. We have established this Fund with an initial contribution, which has been earmarked to support the Emergency Response Unit in Senegal, where we have our operating base.

In response, we have established the COVID-19 Africa Solidarity Fund, the proceeds from which will be used to support Emergency Response Units deployed in several countries across the African continent, to help curb the spread of this pandemic.

About The Host Organization

TrustAfrica seeks to strengthen African initiatives that address the most difficult challenges confronting the continent. TrustAfrica works principally through collaboration and partnership with like-minded institutions and donors. As a catalyst and convener, we are committed to generating and testing new ideas. We also strive to practice good governance and promote it among our grantees.

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  • EIN: 20-3074517
  • Location: Dakar, Senegal,
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, Africa, COVID-19