Disaster Relief Fund Fund

About This Fund

The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation has activated the Disaster Relief Fund, with the intent of supporting our communities through the COVID-19 crisis. This is an unprecedented time, and we do not have any expectations for how much funding will be made available through this fund, as it is reliant on the generosity of individuals, groups, and businesses.

The WFACF Disaster Relief Fund will provide resources to Nonprofit Organizations in the Wichita Falls Area to help alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About The Host Organization

In March of 1999 several farsighted civic leaders in Wichita Falls created an instrument to provide a means for preserving the area’s future. In the years since, many agencies and individuals have made a difference by using this instrument, the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation. The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is a not-for-profit philanthropic institution organized and operated primarily as a collection of charitable funds that will have long term benefit for the Wichita Falls area. Theses funds are used wisely and efficiently to respond to area needs and to sustain existing organizations and institutions through grants in many areas, including arts, culture, education, environment, historic preservation, health, and human services.

Host Organization

Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation

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  • EIN: 75-2817894
  • wfacf.org/
  • Location: Wichita Falls, TX, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19