Different nonprofits will have different expectations of board members based on their size, mission, or particular challenges. Understanding what an organization needs will help you match your motives, interests, time commitments, and personal goals to that organization so that you can make a valuable contribution.

  • Foundations

Grantmaking foundations are in the enviable position of giving away money. A foundation board approves all grants that are awarded to public charities. In small foundations, you may actually read all the applications. Board members are not expected to raise funds.

  • Advocacy groups

You might join the board of an advocacy organization because its cause is your passion. You’ll need good political instincts and lobbying skills because raising awareness for your issue and helping get bills passed are important ways of being involved.

  • Professional associations

You need to be active and visible in your profession because board members usually are elected by the entire membership. Serving on an association board tends to be a badge of accomplishment.

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