As a companion report to our most recent Leading with Intent: BoardSource Index of Nonprofit Board Practices report, we took a look at the findings related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to understand to what extent boards are reflective of the communities they are seeking to serve, how boards are thinking about racial inequity in relation to the organization’s mission and programmatic outcomes, and board practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

 In Leading with Intent: Reviewing the State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Nonprofit Boards, we explore the findings and provide context for the data to help inform your own racial equity journeys as you seek to become more equity-focused individuals, boards, and organizations in the communities in which you live and serve.

  1. Boards may be getting slightly more diverse, but they are far from representing the communities they serve.
  2. Board recruitment practices are not aligned with diversity goals.
  3. Boards that include people of color are more likely to have adopted diversity, equity, and inclusion practices than boards that do not include people of color.

Read the full report on nonprofit board diversity at BoardSource.