The memo "Philanthropy and the COVID-19 Response in India" explores the distinctive role philanthropists in India can play to address the crisis. By supplementing government and private sector efforts with flexible and often more nimble investments, philanthropists are well-positioned to help address the challenges that will continue or arise after the immediate crisis is past.

During this crisis, local philanthropists have an essential role to play in bolstering a pillar of their local economies: child care. Bridgespan's Kat Kaufmann and Elise Tosun, along with Shannon Rudisill of the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative share two immediate ways they can do this in "Want to Support Your Community's Equitable Recovery from COVID-19? Invest in Child Care."

Bridgespan conversations with more than a dozen philanthropies provide "Four Ways for Community-Focused Philanthropy to Confront the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis" as local communities work through this most critical phase and prepare for an eventual recovery from the pandemic and the recession.

On March 31, 2020, The Bridgespan Group released a memo to philanthropists highlighting ways to approach funding during this unprecedented time. Our colleagues in the space have continued to share resources and perspectives, which we have included in this updated version of the memo, "Opportunities for Philanthropic Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis."

Council on Foundations and the Ford FoundationLondon Funders, and the European Foundation Centre share how US, UK, and European philanthropists are pledging to provide more flexible funding for their grantees, given the current crisis.

Leads of Bridgespan’s philanthropy practice, Pay-What-It-Takes initiative, and racial equity strategy share "What Philanthropy Can Do Today to Support Grantees Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis."

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers advice (including a recorded webinar) on the roles philanthropy can play during pandemics.

Northern California Grantmakers shares guidance on communicating with grantees and other stakeholders.

Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund, details "6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover from Coronavirus Spread" in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Read the full list of COVID-19 resources at The Bridgespan Group.